The offices of the doomed Dreery Books circa 1942.
Although happily 4F exempt from military service, the brothers Al Dreery (left) showing patriotic support,
takes a brown bagged lunch from Joseph Dreery, his brother as an unknown man plays with himself.
A very small publishing house, the Dreerys' published local interest books,
cookbooks and occasional some halfway decent pornography.
After a fight over the company's direction, Al left for San Francisco determined to get into the Beat movement.
Killed when his Edsel overturned along California's Highway One, his bloodwork revealed he was under the influence of Marijuana. (sometimes called "MaryJane") Joseph closed the publishing house in 1955 after the McCarthy committee found a Russian pastry cookbook he had published to be Communist in intent.
A broken man, Joseph retired from the Nordstrom Men's' department in 1987.
He sometimes would say: "selling suits is a lot like publishing" but no one could ever figure that one out.
He died while having a heart attack watching Jerry Springer in 1996. ("My wife is in Love with a Midget")