Dining, sleeping, crushing the business competition, relaxing in an opulent tower of elegance
far from the screams of poverty that pierce the moon filled sky.
These are the creature comforts you alone desire in this material world.
Escape the worries of life to our decadent private temples
designed exclusively to pamper you like the king or queen you know you are.
A place where you can yell at the foolish staff and throw temper tantrums
just like you were a child again.
So come trust us with your every need and desire.
We look forward to helping you in all your total selfish pleasures.
Get in our corner - now!

Enter the Four Corners

Visit our newest properties at:
Easter Island, South Pacific - Oklahoma City, OK - Jonestown, Ruwanda
Waco, TX - Athens, Greece - Chichen Itza, Mexico
Auschwitz, Germany - Stonehenge, UK - Chernobyl, Russia
Tinnamen Square, China - Tacoma, WA