Tad Galloway

LEFT: Young Tad thwarted a potential child model career with his bad attitude.
RIGHT: Insomniac Tad supplements his customer service energies with brief doses of micro sleep throughout his day,
needless to say his memory was for shit.

Looking for a recharge he had little idea that after 6 months, the weirdness of the stuffy hotel corporate environment gave way to unexplained phenomena - Emily, Michael and Tad sharing the second shift soon began exchanging the strange stories and experiences that all seemed to emanate from the hotel.
Michael, the musician, started compiling Tad's scrawled notes and some collected photos into "The Lair of The Rich Project", a portfolio he hoped to transform into a musical album.
He was looking at something with the eeriness of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" yet with the danceabilty of Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth" - yes the hotel had sucked out their minds all right - what follows is a reconstruction of their fateful journey based on the records in Michael's portfolio...