Paul the old night bellman says that some years back a man ran screaming from his room -
it seems he had turned over in bed and there was an old woman in bed with him - staring at him - (no - not his wife).
He left all of his belongings behind and never was heard from again.

Noise complains are common but we have so many that are investigated only to find no cause.
People have heard children's parties when there are no children on the floors around them, they have heard them laughing and even reported hearing people arguing when the rooms surrounding them are empty. The night bellman sometimes refuses to deliver the daily newspapers in certain wings of the hotel, and absolutely no staff member will go to the elevator room on the roof or to sections of the cavernous-basement past dark.

More than a few have reported a strange woman, looking sad and as if she is looking for someone wandering through the darkened ballrooms at night only to disappear as the light is switched on.
Sections of the hotel seem to go from icy cold to hot instantaneously.
A higher number than average sicknesses, suicides and violence have occured in the hotel - yet it's exclusively prevents from any such story getting to the press.

I personally have heard the chair creaking and distant laughter in the office outside of reservations only to find out that no one has been there for hours - and that office would always be cold. Knocks on the office door would reveal no one there. Phones ring with no sounds on the other end dozens of times a night...this all seems to be business as usual here - but the strangest thing isn't a smell or a sight or a sound-just a feeling - a feeling of eeriness and electricity - one of foreboding and dread - I've been alone in the office during my night shift only to feel as if I'm being watched.
This isn't just hangovers and isolated illnesses - it's a legacy of doom -
there is something here all right - or are we all just going mad? I drink much to forget- & it works

- Tad Galloway


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