Final Entry

This is wicked and weird - I think Emily is having her period.
Michael is still missing (he never misses the meatloaf) and I'm stone cold sober and pretty scared.
We're seeing and hearing things here and at work - it's like being on Ecstasy or a decongestant something...

I blame was my fault that we tried to chronicle all the weirdness at the hotel
(actually I think it was Michael's...but anyway).

It was my idea to move into this old haunted mansion
(actually Emily pushed us into it...but still).
I know it was wrong to work at that seemed cool...
but we shouldn't have stayed on.

We are now completely lost-career wise.
We're hungry on the low end service salary.
We're cold because of the undead and that we couldn't pay the oil guy.
And we're hunted by some weird spiritual entity.
We are to be trapped and tamed like dogs in the cube cities of corporate America - whatever shit that has gone down -
I think it's in the basement of that hotel - maybe Michael went to investigate it.
We've got to find him and get to the bottom of this all - sure we could just leave and stay at motel and check the want ads,
but we've got to put this thing to rest... besides Emily's screams are killing my sinus headache!
...I knew we should have become baristas!

- Tad "Shitty Pants" Galloway