A rare photo (left) of the O'Keenan journal, supposedly tells of ancient Druid spells to achieve total revenge and domination of all in the material world. The book is now in the Bill Gates private library.
A typical Celtic image (center) from one of O'Keenans' books depicts several Druids using a cauldron spell to summon the omniscient Ancient Spirit: Guinness.
A painting (right - duh the only place left) of the misery typical of a "coffin ship" like the one on which O'Keenan immigrated to America, losing his wife along the way to scurvy, dysentery and extreme PMS.

It's hard knock life...

The O'Keenan journal tells a life of misery and mysticism. Born during the Potato famine, his mother died of a potato deficiency, his father, not even a good hopeless drunk had to study in night school on dustman wages, on how to be a hopeless drunk. Young Paddy would only find solace in the ancient ruins and castles in the stony fields around his home. Befriended by a really goth looking set of local Druids, he learned the ancient religion but was banished from County Mayo as an evil suspicious warlock type who was spooking the sheep. He took his young wife on a crowded immigrant ship to New York but she died along the way. Embittered even more, he had but one dream, to use the wicker he had seen in ancient ceremonial imagery to make quality chairs, stools, maybe even couches and end tables! He took the train as far West as he could hoping he could help build the railroad or hit the Klondike gold rush, too foolish to know that he had missed out on both.