Once in Seattle, he found himself lost, alone and severely pissed off. He practiced his wicker craft but was ridiculed by evil lumberjacks. He continued taking odd jobs and landed a job as a laborer on the new Cascade hotel project. But his intuition and abilities in the Druid sect were suddenly overpowering as he worked the ancient cursed plot of land.

This place will do no good to anyone I tell ya! The voices and spirits are strongly movin me body. I can't TAKE THIS CRAP! Tried I have to ignore the spirits for I need the wages, but I'll be bloody damned if I can make this one - this is stronger than when dad traveled North to work the shipyards to build that TITANIC. It taxes me- it taxes me...

Oops! I did it Again!

quote from alleged confession of O'Keenan to Officer Lars Berringer.

Paddy O'Keenan was hanged on January 13, 1927 and again 2 days later (just in case!) proclaiming his innocence until the end. His one day trial was briefly protested by upper class socialites (left) who maintained he was being scapegoated As well as foolish masses (right) who loved a good lynching. Both groups enjoyed lively post execution debates in the saloons and restaurants across Seattle

I've cursed them all, me accusers, the city and the damned stupid tourists who plagued me mockery of a trial - the very building itself will now be cursed and ther'll be no stopping any of us then - the money grubbin fools and sheep- they'll know what I know and ther God won't be around to help them then...damn I could use a tater!

No one heeded his words until Developer Joseph Van Higgenbatten choked to death in late 1928 while eating a corned beef sandwich. The Cascade Hotel curse was alive and well.

- reprinted with permission from "The Cascade Hotel Curse"
Dreery Books © 1942