LEFT: Curt Kobain, a crashed out guest kept awake by phone calls
RIGHT: Fred, our agitated desk clerk let go because of the incident

Prior to Tad and Emily coming along, last year we had Curt Kobain as a late night check-in.
He was under an assumed name an supposedly looking pretty ragged.
In any case, he called down to the night manager, totally pissed.

"Tell this guy Fred to stop calling! Who the fuck is he?
And what does he mean that he knows what I must do!?"

Anyway, the manager logs the report and poor Fred one of our day shift desk clerks loses his job.
Fred is working at a fast food place til this day and denies doing anything.
Then Kobain kills himself within the month. That was the weiredest story since the Charlton Heston visit.

- Michael Andrews


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