There have been many incidents occuring of late - I'm told it's just people being people but can it all be unconnected?

One couple asked for a room change in the middle of the night because of intermittently soft and hard knocking on their door; - When they would go to the peephole it would stop. Other people would make complaints about maintenance dragging and moving furniture around the rooms surrounding theirs during all hours, yet no such maintenance would be going on.
Others would smell strong perfumes and smoke in rooms that hadn't been occupied in days. The scariest one to me was a businessman whose room was on an upper floor who casually complained that he thought it rude to have window cleaners cleaning windows after 9 PM - the fact being that the tapping he had heard on his window hadn't been from window cleaners at all - God knows what he may have seen had he opened the blinds...

Guests would also complain of all sorts of personal items gone missing - including their shoes and watches that they were wearing minutes before. Elevators come and go on their own - and if you put your ear to the elevator door you hear a baritone breathing as if the hotel itself was a living entity.
Just all coincidences? - I'm beginning to think not...


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