The Aftermath

In June 1998, Michael Andrews disappeared physically and Emily Bishop, and Tad Galloway -
two very distinct individuals evaporated into the omnipresent mist of homogenized conformity.
Their carefree natures gave gradually way to the dull eyed glazed,
complacency of propriety and safety that passes as adulthood.
Beings, vast, cool and unsympathetic regarded their spirits with envious eyes
and slowly made plans against them.
A thief in the night drove them from Von Higgenbatten manor
to the hotel sub-basement and they, for all intents and purposes disappeared...
no longer confused, dispirited or conflicted - they loved the Four Corners!
A massive search party was organized but it was a weeknight and everyone was tired.

When troubled co-workers informed these officers that their friends had become dehumanized and lost among the corporate clones - they suggested checking the bathrooms. An exhausive search revealed only really cool graffiti.

Von Higgenbatten Manor is razed - one of the many once prestigious mansions whose ideal property location is ideal for luxury condos.

The growing number of millionaires has transformed many of the old historic sections of Seattle into hotbeds of development.

That stinky old crackhouse down the street?
Now it's an overpriced cafe - same concept - different clientele...
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Right: Local entrepreneur Claude Bugupski prepares his pre-IPO firm for records sales!