Old Dan in security knows that in the sub-basement there's a certain old room next to a store room that was the old laundry.
He says that it's painted dull black and is never used, only to be accessed by selected personnel.
He says that there's a door in there that bleeds red through the paint despite being repainted hundreds of times.

He tell me that it was painted red a warning way before World War II because of bad things going on in there and due to so-called safety probelms. He says anyone worth their salt doesn't go near that room since it leads to the old foundation and people have died there. I think he's just spinning a tale but a few days later he chokes on a big mac while watching Jenny Jones ("My mate's flipping - he sleeps with a midget and I'm tripping!").
He suffers a massive heart attack and dies.

- Michael Andrews


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