The Final Night

Holy shit - we are under attack! - every night it's been getting worse and now Michael is fucking gone!
Something is going down here - the hotel and here - Tad is trying to hold it together, but we now both freaking out. We hear sounds and cries and bagpipes and children laughing. I know our neighbors are freaks but still we can't find Michael...he was on night watch and this morning I found a bloody bundle with his hotel service pin and some slime...Tad says to please wash!
We are getting our shit together and getting out of here and that hotel.... But first - we're checking out that fucking basement-we know too much...this shit ain't funny... Tad & I are going to finally stop fearing and confront these bastard spirits who have kidnapped our pal- we'll see who has the last laugh the bastards!!!

- Emily "The Scream Queen" Bishop


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